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Faisan cruises S.L. is devoted to spread the marvellous experience of sailing and living on a sailing boat. Discovering sailing is the threshold of an unknown world full of adventures and beauty at the same time.

Without any doubt, the sea conquest was an important reef for men in order to be able to settle anywhere they wish. It was the conquest of the seas. The sea has always been the tie which links different cultures, landscapes, etc. Sea’s control meant the World’s control. It was easily understood by men who designed boats and discovered the sailing world.

Our main goal is to take advantage of the excellent meteorological characteristics in the coasts of Alicante. Our port is located in the Nautical Club of El Campello.
For that reason, you can sail along the coast or around the sports ports of the area. However, if you prefer a crossing somewhere else, we will help you to plan your holidays in Ibiza, Formentera, Mallorca or Menorca.
You will be able to discover the heavenly holds and anchorages of the crystalline waters in the Balearic Islands. You will also be able to dive and practise snorkel, to relax in a quiet environment escaping from the daily routine of the land life, to talk with some friends during the sunset or even go to land in a dinghy. Those are just some examples of the things you can do in the different landscapes which are waiting for you to discover them. In addition, you will also be able to moor in their ports, known for their night life, music, leisure places, etc... and share your anecdotes with people from different places.

We are experienced in the Balearic Islands, the West Indies, Islands in the North of the Caribbean, Venezuela and its archipelagos, and the National Park of Mochima. In the last two years we have sailed around 10,000 miles (18,520 km) in the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
Now we are back to our origins doing our best to give you the opportunity of living unforgettable moments.